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Hopelessly lost but making good time productions


"Frances Eustace is an excellent player who readily meets the demands of these pieces. Woodwind fans will find much to enjoy here."

American Record Guide

“…a simply wonderful Bassoon Collection. There is still some hope for the planet while there are people who can take pleasure from listening to a contrabassoon rendering Schubert’s Trout, complete with earthy trills.”

Classical Music

“The clown of the orchestra, right? Wrong! This noble instrument, neglected and maligned finally gets a little respect, a day in the sun. For lovers of the bassoon, this disc is indispensable, for others it is merely highly recommended.”

Fanfare Magazine. USA

"Frances Eustace, one of London's busiest early bassoon players, shows her stuff on no less than SEVEN instruments in this collection. Eustace is quite a performer, and every one of these pieces is memorable. She even lets us hear the Elgar the way it might have sounded when Edwin James, to whom it was dedicated, played it on his Savary. Eustace favors a light sound on all the instruments heard here, with the exception of the sepulchral contra. She handles the technical demands and inevitable intonation quirks of seven instruments pretty well, and the handsome program book is full of photos of the instruments."

Journal of the International Double Reed Society

"Bach’s Musical Offering performed by Ensemble Sonnerie…..Frances Eustace with a bassoon part so luminous it might be a human voice."

The Vancouver Sun

Telephone : +44 (0) 1963 370109

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