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Bassoon Collection CD-SAR35 Saydisc

Johann Sebastian Bach: Musical Offering, BWV 1079 with Ensemble Sonnerie (Virgin CD 45139)

"This must be the most purely enjoyable Musical Offering for a long time." Gramaphone Magazine Critic's choice 1996

Published work

"Dances of the Living and the Dead: A study of the Danse Mcabre Imagery within the context of Late-Medieval Dance Culture" Frances Eustace with Pamela M. King in Mixed Metaphors: The Danse Macabre in Medieval and Early Modern Europe Edited by Sophie Oosterwijk and Stefanie Knöll, (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2011)

Conference Papers

"The employment and deployment of 'loud music' by Kings and Courts as a weapon of influence and domination."

Leeds 2012

"karolles, wrastlynges, or somour games, who-so euer haunteþ any swyche shames"

Leeds 2013

"Twas then the Fair-time in that City"

Kalamazoo 2013 (nominated for The Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society Alexandra Johnston Award for Best New Conference Paper in Early Drama Studies by a Graduate Student)

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